Visit of the N.R.P. Sagres in Faro

Images of the school ship Sagres of the Portuguese Navy during its first visit in Faro on occansion of the Dia de Faro (Sep. 7, 2018)
Sunday, 09 September 2018 | Event

On occasion of the Dia de Faro 2018 the historic sailing ship docked for the first time at the commercial pier in Faro and opened her decks to the general public. It is currently used by the Portuguese navy as a training ship for young sailors as well as its international ambassador.

The three masted ship, a sister ship of the famous Gorch Fock, was launched on 30 October 1937 at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg for the German marine. After the second world war it was confiscated by the United States and sold to Brazil, where she sailed as a school ship for the Brazilian Navy under the name Guanabara. In 1961, Portugal bought the Guanabara to replace the previous school ship Sagres II.

The name Sagres reminds to Portugal’s glorious maritime history, when in the 15th. Century the Age of Portuguese Discoveries was promoted by Henry the Navigator, Infante de Sagres and his legendary “School of Seafarers”. A replica of a caravel of that time, the Boa Esperança, is docked next to the Sagres. Henry is also the figurehead of the Sagres, and its sails are decorated with a red cross, the emblem of his Order of Christ.