Loulé: European City of Sport 2015

Official opening ceremony in Loulé
Saturday, 31 January 2015 | Sport

Loulé has been awarded "European City of Sport" for 2015 by the private European Capital of Sport Association (ACES). The city and its surroundings dispose of more than 50 clubs with over 8 thousand members, engaged in 70 different forms of sports. International events such as the Portugal Masters (a golf tournament of the European Tour), the Algarve Cup (one of the most prominent tournaments in women football) or the Vilamoura Atlantic Tour (a to equestrian event) have contributed to establish the Algarve's reputation as a top sport destination. The programme for 2015 includes more than 800 national and international events.

Learn more about this event: http://www.cm-loule.pt