Linha do Algarve

This railway runs from Lagos in the western Algarve to Vila Real de Santo António in the east on the Portuguese border with Spain.

The 140 km single track railway line between Lagos in the western Algarve and Vila Real de S. António began operating at the beginning of the last century. The 1.688 mm track width of this broad gauge railway can be compared to Spanish railways, which it connects with at 3 border crossings in the North, North-West and East of Portugal. The former ferry connection between Vila Real de S. António and Ayamonte in Spain stopped operating a few years ago.

The tracks between Faro and Tunes have been electrified for Inter-City and modern Alfa Pendular trains to operate, thus reducing the time from Faro to Lisbon to just under 3 hours. On the other section between Lagos and Tunes and Faro to Vila Real de S.António only the old 3 three-part railcars can operate, so that travelling from Lagos to Vila Real takes up to 3 hours 45 min.

Train timetables and ticket prices can be found on the Portuguese train operator website Comboios de Portugal (CP) below.

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